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Save Merriweather PAC

Donations to the Save Merriweather Political Action Committee will be used to support candidates for local and state elected office who have demonstrated a commitment to preserving Merriweather Post Pavilion as an outdoor venue for the performing arts. Because Merriweather's fate will largely be determined by the votes of elected officials, it is important that the Save Merriweather PAC demonstrate to these decision makers that there is broad public support for Merriweather. This organization will be a means to show politicians that Merriweather's preservation is an important issue to many voters.

Donations to the Save Merriweather Political Action Committee are not
tax-deductible. All donations go towards the express goals of the

The Save Merriweather Political Action Committee is a separate entity from Save Merriweather, Inc. Save Merriweather, Inc. focuses on grassroots organizing and outreach, while the PAC is strictly a campaign finance entity.

Donation button will be here soon. If you wish to make a donation now please email us and we will point you in the right direction.

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